Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Dreaded Taper.....Grrr

Well after a week of crushing some workouts that included a 20mi ruck with 50lbs, Crossfit open 14.1, 5k Row of time, Overhead squat one rep max for a new PR (235 :) ), over a 100 GHD sit-ups and extensions, some additional Metcon work a TON of mobility work and a 12mi ruck with 65lbs for time, I have to shut it off. I have 5 days until the Event, and thus begins the dreaded "Taper". I hate tapering. I HATE it. I feel like a sedantary peice crap by the end of the week. The thing is, it freakin' works. Like a lot. In fact I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make, who are avid fitness folk, is their rest time. Your body needs time to repair. Working out day after day after day never gives your body time to fully recover. Every once in a while a full week of nothing make a huge difference. I've done it for other events like a half marathon, but I've also felt the difference in strength items like squat. After a long stint of working hard. That week of mobility work and nursing your body without physical distress is a hug game changer. 

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