Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not in a million years...

So I wake in after a long night in Vegas to find out my little tounge-in-cheek "creation" that is CF Chickentown has made the paper. Let me start off saying, CFC is not a business, charity or anything else other then my garage. Having started as a joke about a coincidence of my former CrossFit gym closing and a Facebook locator anomaly it's amazing it would actually grow into a website ( Facebook page and be something news worthy.
For me to be able to raise $3k for Heroes in Transition by putting a silly big eyed chicken on some clothing is a thing I'll never really understand, but to those who supported me, especially my wife Sarah, I am extremely grateful. 
I will be using this most unexpected opportunity to raise even more money by having another round of apparel sales in the near future so please stay tuned and thank you again for the support. 
Please search for and "like" CF Chickentown on Facebook for more info. 

The link to the article: 

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