Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GORUCK Set new "Heavy" Event standards tonight.

I've got two months till The Boston Heavy. I'm not too worried about the physical standards, I am worried that that is the first 4 hours of a 24 hour event. And it will "Crush you Mentally" for the 20+ 23+ miles after this. 

The GORUCK Heavy event has put a new Physical SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) on the event released tonight:
Per Cadre Dan,
"The weight requirement is 35LBS dry for all. Cadre will weigh your rucks in their own special way. You will at the very beginning of the event conduct 2 MINS of Push-ups, 2 MINS of Sit-ups and a 12 Mile Road March. The Push-up and Sit-up standards are based off of the U.S. Army PT Test for your gender and age bracket. The 12 mile road march is done in less than 3 and half hours. Fail any of these and you or the class will be punished or possibly performance dropped. Then the real fun starts as outlined by the Key Objectives above. Minimum distance covered by each GORUCK Heavy is 35 miles, and that’s the minimum and overall distance will be determined by the Cadre. One 50LB team weight. The team weight needs to weigh 50 pounds at the beginning and at the end. No wheels will be attached to the team weight and it must be carried throughout the class. Team weights need to be in compliance with Special Forces Rule#1. Last but not least Performance Drops, in that Cadre can and will drop you if you are not in compliance with the above Key Objectives. So basically if you are trying to “gray man” it through the GORUCK Heavy, you will get dropped. You need to earn your seat at the table as this ladies and gentleman, is the ultimate team event. Good luck earning your Heavy Patch and this SOP is effective IMMEDIATELY for ALL GORUCK Heavies."

Some training modifications are in store tomorrow....

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