Monday, January 6, 2014

10 Weeks of Preparation begins Today!

I'll be honest, the holidays were not kind to my workout schedule or diet. Between the stress and planning of multiple events including the obvious holiday fanfare, a baptism and birthday party, then the plague that took over our house via a 1 very unhappy 1 year old priorities were not placed on hitting the gym and on the menu. While I didn't totally blow it in diet, it was enough that I'm about 4lbs heavier then before thanksgiving. 
I now find myself 10 weeks away from a grueling event, GORUCK Heavy boston on 3/14 and a spring rugby season in which we are in the playoffs trying to make it to the mid-Atlantic playoffs. 
I sat down today and wrote what it's going to take to get where I need to be and posted 10 weeks of workouts up on the white board to cross off as I go. 
GORUCK Heavy is 24+ hours and 40mis of special forces-like training. While strength and conditioning certainly help in the shorter events I've done, it's more about the endurance of being able to carry big awkward weight for long distances with other PT and suck that gets thrown in. Muscle endurance and Core work will be a focus. 
Rugby first and foremost requires being in cardiovascular shape. If you can't run you can't do much else, and if you can out run the player opposite of you, you have a distinct advantage. Then comes the strength and speed componenent. 
I'm going with 3 workouts a week involving strength mobility and conditioning and one long Ruck. I'll also be carrying a weighted ruck with me during the day. Every little bit helps. Of course the diet is getting tightened up. First two workouts are done. Trashed the quads and shoulders today. Let's get some! 
Strength: 3x15 squats and should press 55%
Conditioning: 3 Tabata intervals 1 min rest in between - burpees, squats, burpees
Cash out: GHD sit-ups and extensions 21 reps each

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