Thursday, December 26, 2013

GORUCK Challenge Lehigh Valley Registration

 What is the GORUCK Challenge? Click Here
6/20/14 9pm
What is the GORUCK Challenge? - Learn more Here or at

Registration is open to the first 35 people who register.* - see bottom

$130/person includes Event Cost and GRC LV Patch.
Like every other GORUCK Challenge Event, if you complete the Challenge you will earn the GORUCK Tough patch which can only be earned, it is never for sale.

This is a two step process, please read this whole post and pay attention to the details prior to registering. Until BOTH ARE COMPLETE YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED!

Step 1: Pay $130/person Click Here to pay via PayPal.

Don't have PayPal? Doesn't matter, just look for the credit card symbols near the bottom left center of the window that pops up and click "continue" and follow instructions. There is no need to put instructions to seller or other notes. I will know exactly what this is for. There are NO refunds. There are no discounts and this is a custom event so no buddy passes either, sorry. 

Step 2: Event Registration with GORUCK HQ
Upon Payment, I will send you, within 24 hours, a personal link to register for the event with GORUCK HQ. This includes the famous "Death Waiver"

Registration is Complete when you receive the GORUCK e-mail confirming your registration.

At this point you will be invited to join the private Facebook page for the event which is the place to organize ruck offs, talk about training, your packs etc.

Any Questions Please E-mail me at subject: GRCLV

*= Each Cadre will only handle 35 people max so that the event is fun an meaningful for everyone. If the first 35 fill up, we need a minimum of 14 more to add another Cadre due to the additional cost. If you are the 36th-49th I will notify you upon payment.  I'll do everything in my power to get us the numbers needed but in the event we should not get the additional numbers, 100% of your payment will be returned.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GORUCK Challenge Lehigh Valley Coming this Summer!!!

I have been thinking about this since my first event back in August, so I'm pulling the trigger and bringing it to the Lehigh Valley for a custom event. Do you want to push your limits physically and mentally? Lose yourself and become 30 people working as one? If you are into Crossfit, Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, Hiking. etc... This is something different and will change you. It is truly awesome. Learn more below. 

Coming Soon!!!!

June 20th, 9PM GORUCK CHALLENGE Lehigh Valley 


The GORUCK Challenge is a team event, never a race. Think of it as a slice of Special Operations training where – from start to finish -- a Combat Veteran Special Operations "Cadre" challenges, teaches, and inspires your small team to do more than you ever thought possible. Leadership is taught and teamwork is demanded on missions spanning the best of your city. 

8-10 hours, 15-20 miles, 40 lbs of bricks in a rucksack, and the unknown.

Truly one of the best experiences I've had the pleasure of being part of. 

Want to learn more about the Challenge and  "Good Livin' "? 

More details and how to register to follow late December...

What is an event like? Click here for a recap of 
GORUCK Challenge NYC Nov. 9th, 2013 which I was proud to be apart of.