Tuesday, November 5, 2013

T minus 3 days till GORUCK NYC 11/9

Getting  a little nervous after doing a Light version of this in August which was truly a test. This is longer, heavier and probably wetter then the last. Start time 1am Saturday morning, 26 Wall St, the steps of the Federal Building. Like the other 30 people, show up with a ruck full of 6 bricks, 3 liters of water, a head lamp. Get ready for the the next 12-15 hours, 14-20mis of the unknown. Only thing we do know is that we better become a team, and quickly. It will be cold (34), it will be wet (57 degree water), it will be hard. Log carries, people carries, squats, crawls, pushups. But you know what? This is truly Good Livin'. A voluntary offering of physical endeavor for pleasure. It's funny when you are put in a shitty situation how fast a complete stranger becomes your new friend.
When you remove the diametrically opposed views of the media, put people in a situation in which they need to work together and most importantly teach them how to do it, you find a refreshing camaraderie amongst  people that is missing on television. To do nose-to-nose push ups with someone you never met, carry someone you've never met, work with those you've never met, accomplish something, then celebrate with those people is something amazing. Can't wait. 

Light workout tomorrow after a heavy ruck workout yesterday.  Then taper to the last bus into NYC on friday night, drop off bags at hotel and a subway ride to wall st.

See you on the other side of this.

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