Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Goruck challenge NYC 11/9 training

It's a bit over two weeks out, time to kick the specialized portion of training into gear. 
GoRuck challenge NYC starts at 1am at a location TBD 11-9 and will be somewhere from 11-20mi and 12+ hours in the cold November night, all with a 40lb ruck sack filled with bricks. Having done the light version in August there are some things that will take some extra specialization to get comfortable with. Just having the weight on your back for that long, let alone, belly/bear crawls, push ups, buddy carries, log carries all while wet and cold with that weight takes its toll in ways you'd never think. Only way to get used to doing awkward heavy things while uncomfortable is to do some awkward and heavy things prior. 
I've been carrying my ruck wherever I go for the past three weeks with 30 lbs of extra sand and weight in it so I get used to it. Workouts have consisted of lots of core, legs and shoulders. 
Now until the Thursday before workout, outside of rugby that is, will consist of strength, mobility and conditioning all with the packed rucksack. Getting used to the weird grip, odd weight displacement and uncomfortable positions for extended periods will be the focus. 

Big one today: 

Workout 10/23 pre goruck workout #1:

Warmup: dynamic/ foam roll / shoulder mobility hip mobility

Strength: with 40lb ruck 
3x alternate
- max rep chin ups, min 5, if can't use band
- 15 shoulder to shoulder over head, with ruck on shoulder move to other shoulder over your head and back =1
30 Ruck sack goblet squats
30 walking lunges each leg 
Max time Overhead hold x 3

Conditioning with 40 lb ruck:
100m bear craw
100 mountain climbers each leg =1
30 burpees

Endurance:with 60lb ruck:
2 mi ruck walking pace. 

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