Sunday, August 4, 2013

Workout 8/5: Bricks plus backpack = fitness fun!

Aug 17th I'll be doing the go ruck light in NYC with John Pozzetta from crossfit advanced. It's 4-5 hours, 7-10 miles, with a  lot of conditioning challenges in the spirt of team building through special forces themed training. Oh yea and you have a rucksack with 25lbs of bricks and 6 lbs of water. 
Wanted to get some equitable training in I.e. the CFC death march today. 
Tomorrow I'll get some work in With the ruck sack. 

Warmup: dynamic / foam roll / thoracic and shoulder mobility

Put 25 lbs of bricks into your ruck sack and don it with tactical or work gloves. Keep them on for remainder if the workout.

Strength: 5x max reps - strict pull ups
3x max rack jerks 155

Conditioning: 15 min Amrap 
10m zig zag bear crawls
50m run with 4 ft 6x6 beam
10 hand release pushups
20m there and back military belly crawl 

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