Monday, August 12, 2013

Go Ruck Prep

Go Ruck light in NYC this Saturday coming up. Starts at tge federal building. With rugby starting this week I want to get some time with the weighted ruck on so it looks like today is the day. 25lbs of bricks and 6lbs of water. Tested it with some short workouts and movements so far but I want to see what some distance will be like. Just like any distance event some weird stuff can happen when things are moving on a repeated basis for an extended period. 

Warmup: 40 ab mat sit ups / foam roll / thoracic, scapular and hip mobility

Strength: With 30lb ruck sack:
5 wall climbs
30 push ups
30 walking lunges
10 broad jumps 

Workout: With 30lb ruck
5mi Ruck (walk with purpose)
Stop every 10mins
10 push ups 
20 air squats 

Loaded GoRuck GR1

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Workout 8/5: Bricks plus backpack = fitness fun!

Aug 17th I'll be doing the go ruck light in NYC with John Pozzetta from crossfit advanced. It's 4-5 hours, 7-10 miles, with a  lot of conditioning challenges in the spirt of team building through special forces themed training. Oh yea and you have a rucksack with 25lbs of bricks and 6 lbs of water. 
Wanted to get some equitable training in I.e. the CFC death march today. 
Tomorrow I'll get some work in With the ruck sack. 

Warmup: dynamic / foam roll / thoracic and shoulder mobility

Put 25 lbs of bricks into your ruck sack and don it with tactical or work gloves. Keep them on for remainder if the workout.

Strength: 5x max reps - strict pull ups
3x max rack jerks 155

Conditioning: 15 min Amrap 
10m zig zag bear crawls
50m run with 4 ft 6x6 beam
10 hand release pushups
20m there and back military belly crawl