Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What does a 13.1mi Erg row feel like?

That was a new experience. 21,097m (13.1mi) row for time. In short it was hard but very boring. I've run multiple half marathons. At least running outside you are going somewhere. Today I found myself listening to repeated songs on pandora workout station in some kinda of limbo, saying stupid things like, "just 43 more minutes". There's  just no variability. Same motion, over and over again. Staring at a small screen. 
Couple things I notice from technical perspective, if you focus on thoracic stability you will improve your speed. When you re exhausted this becomes very hard. You catch yourself rounding your back and bleeding speed. As soon as you tighten up and become stabile, you pick up 3-5 sec on your 500m split. 
Much like running a half, the last 4 mis or so you get a bit weird. Your mind does some strange yet acutely aware and cognitive things, i.e. figuring out which is the closest fraction of distance you have left, 1/2,1/3,1/4,1/5,1/6th,etc., converting meters  into miles, all kinds of strange things. 
You charge through the last mile and finish. Relief, pride, exuberance. 
Then you stand up.
You now know what the last 1:30+ did to your body and mind as you come out of the zone. Your back, quads, traps all let you know they are not happy. 
That's when u introduce then to mr foam roller. 
After cool down, shower and 64 oz of water and two protein shakes, you play with your daughter until she's tired, put her down for a nap and subsequently do the same. 2 hours later wake up ravenously hungry and crush some food.
Then you finally feel pretty good about what you just did. 

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