Sunday, July 21, 2013

1 year, 30+ visitors, 187 workouts, $2,700 raised, 213 items sold. - CFC's first year.

Today is the first anniversary my personal fitness endeavor, CF Chickentown. A bunch of crazy stuff and some great workouts this year. Born out of the odd combination of a tounge-in-cheek social snafu and a necessity to have a place to continue my fitness regimen after Crossfit  610 had its last workout, CFC, the cross training fitness personal garage gym,  came to be. 
Facebook deems Hanover township Bethlehem as Chickentown. A perplexing moniker, which I subsequently found out, from a friends grandfather, was the name of Hanoverville rd back in the day. This became a running joke within my circle if friends. After announcing I was building a personal garage gym the new joke was I was "creating Crossfit Chickentown". 
Almost immediately after the flooring went down and pullup bars went up, there was a demand for t shirts which I thought was a bit ridiculous in concept for a personal garage gym. 
I never wanted to make CFC into a business.  I don't need much more on my plate quite frankly. The thought came to me that I should have some fun with this and "play gym" and see if I could do something good out if it.
My great friend from college, Pauli Mangieri, helped to start a charity for his friend who died in in Afghanistan in 2009 called heroes in transition. I was internally compelled to use this as the motivation for the effort to create a pseudo-business gym. 
I developed a logo, got a workout blog,Facebook  page, etc... Then I sold some shirts. First go around, CFC sold 69 t-shirts. I was officially dumbfounded at the response, $700 went to heroes in transition. 
Winter came and there was yet more demand for sweatshirts. I think we sold 54. $540 to heroes in transition. 
This spring I wanted think of something to raise money for the heroes in transition gala in NYC and for some reason,  "H.I.T. Squad" came to mind. Worked on a design for about three weeks and must have nailed it. We sold almost 90 shirts and got more donated. After this response I decided that we were going to give all revenue to HIT. $1,500. 
So, this year, we've had 30+ visitors, raised $2,700 for charity, and gotten some great workouts in.
To be able to raise that amount of money from my workout habits is something I never expected. I hope to continue this unexpected endeavor as I've been able to have fun and do some good with it. 
If you're ever in the mood for a change of scenery  from your current gym,  come on by. Visitors are always welcome and free. 

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