Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's now officially summer...time to pull out the sledgehammer!

Well the final rugby event of the spring is over. The 40th annual Lehigh valley summer 7s tournament this year had thirty teams from all over the mid-atlantic, 71 matches, and all in one day. A momentous task to plan and I'm thankful for all the help. 

Now to get back on it in the gym.  I'be got a great base and feel pretty good. I'm 20 lbs lighter then when I start the season in march. I feel great things to come. Started off with one of my favorites and hit a PR by over a minute, 13:14. 

Warmup: Dynamic / thoracic mobility

Strength: 5 bear complexes. 135lbs

15 minute AMRAP:
5 5ft tire flips with jump through 
10 sledge  swings rt arm
10 sledge hammer swings left arm

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