Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Will You Join the CFC H.I.T. Squad ?

(Ordering info at bottom) So the whole reason for the CF Chickentown endeavor wasn't to open a profitable gym, but to have some fitness related fun and more importantly to recognize those who have put the freedom of others ahead of their own well being.
In that spirit, I have adopted Heroes In Transition (H.I.T) as my focus. Last year we raised over $1,200. It is a charity that my college buddy helped to start after his friend from his hometown was killed in a helicopter accident in Afghanistan in 2009.
This charity does some amazing things.
This year on May 31st is the annual H.I.T. Gala in NYC. Last year this event helped to buy a delivery van for an able bodied vet who took it upon himself with little assistance to deliver food to other needy vets.
I want to be able to contribute a substantial amount to this charity on behalf of the CFC H.I.T. Squad so I call upon the CFC followers and others to help in that effort.
Join the CFC H.I.T. Squad by buying one of our new awesome ultra soft Tshirts or our classic T's or baby onzies. All are $15 each and every penny of proceeds will go to heroes in transition! Please help on this undertaking.
All buyers will earn a place on the new CFC wall of heroes in the gym.

How to order:
Visit (nonmobile site)
Click on the donate link on the right. all are $15. Give more if you'd like and give the size(s) and style(s) in the memo. Shipping is free and you'll have them in June. Taking orders till May 31st.

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