Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Week Workout Day 5: "Eric" the Reason for Heroes In Transition. HIT Squad members and others please read.

With the H.I.T. Squad Fundraiser wrapping up tomorrow and the Heroes In Transition Gala being held in NYC tomorrow night, I found it quite fitting to wrap up CFCs Memorial Week of Hero workouts with the reason behind Heroes In Tranition, Captain Eric Jones. He was the friend of my college roommate, I never met him but wish I had. In 2009, he was tragically killed in a helicopter accident on a combat mission in Afganistan. His parents started Heroes in Transition in his memory to help Veterans who need assistance adjusting to life after sustaining injury, both physical and mental, in the service of their country. I have seen them purchase and train service dogs, ( we helped buy one they named Jethro, which was Eric's pilot, call sign), a van for a veteran who took it upon himself to distribute food to local indigent vets all with little means of his own, and many other things like this.  Check out for more Info. Tomorrow I will release the tally that was raised by the HIT Squad that will be donated tomorrow night at the HIT Gala. Thank you to all those who have joined the support is amazing. There is still time, until 4PM may 31st, to Join the HIT Squad. Please spread the word for a last push. Share, like, send whatever. To join click on the donate link on the right side of the non- mobile site of $15 gets you a tshirt or tank. 

Memorial Week Day 5 workout:


10 rounds for time:
50 jump rope double unders 
25 abmat sit ups
10 Santanasties* 20 lb ball

*= jumping burpee ball slam begin with a wall ball on the floor. Pick it up to overhead in any fashion you see fit, at the top, jump and bring the ball down to the ground in a slam ball motion. Perform a burpee with hands on the ball (no jump required)and repeat.

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