Friday, May 31, 2013

$1,500 raised by the HIT Squad! / 5 heroes in 5 days

Thank you to all the new HIT Squad members for all the the support! We will be donating $1,500 to Heroes in transition at their annual gala tonight in NYC. Absolutely amazing! The shirts should be in in about three weeks so you will have them in late June sometime.

5th hero workout in five days: I'm beat, but happy and even more respectful for the even greater sacrifices that these heroes gave. Thank you to Michael Murphy, Robert Kalsu, Dick Winters, Jerry Patton and Eric Jones for your service. 

The HIT Squad:

Jake Knight

Brett Biggs

Sarah Biggs

Reagan Biggs

Josh Ellis

Linda Kospiah

Cathy Biggs

Dennis / Karen O'donnel

Shane O'donnel

Frank Weghoffer

Brendan Reeves

Christie Ellis

Drew Ellis

Kai Ellis

Veronica Maher

Mike Santanasto

Amy Santanasto

Pauli Mangieri

Lauren See

Erika Petrozelli

Matt Petrocelli

Meg Smith

Carolyn Florentino

Colin Anderson

Ashleigh Anderson

Graham Anderson

Chris McGinnis

Lindsey Brase

Courtney Benedict

Ed Albertson

Lynn Iaccarino

Erin Frawley Mahood

Phil Shipos

Melissa Neu

Liz Czajkowski

Indra Swift

Chris Mc Gee

Lindsey Christy

Mike Abgarian

Molly Abgarian

Brandi Flyte

John Haney

Stephanie Haney

John Pozzetta

Mst. Sgt. Stuart Loux

Carole Loux

Fran Ohl

Jim Isbell

Kenneth Jones

Michael Warshaw

Melissa C Papa

Roberta Cannon

Jaqueline Guidry

David Nunheimer

Michael Procek

Stephanie Seaman

Cindy Jones

Elissa Rothermel

Eric Covell

Mary Jane Sickonic

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