Friday, April 5, 2013

Workout 4/5: A CFC first

Had a couple special guests this morning. My friend from california Amanda and she brought along her 22 weeks in the making child to be. Not having worked with pregnant women before I decide some research would be warranted.
There is a surprisingly large amount of pregnancy fitness stuff out there as a resource. More shocking were the things that was ok for them to do. I mean burpees? Wow. Modified of course but I guess I was pretty low on the curve on this one. Very interesting stuff.
I'd check out for a good quick resource.

Warmup: 500m row / dynamic

Strength: shoulder press / squat

Conditioning: Death by Kettlebell
Every minute in the minute preform 3 reps of kettlebell swings time the minute your on: min 1 - 3x1=3, min 2- 3x2=6, min 3 - 3x3=9, etc...

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