Sunday, April 28, 2013

Workout 4/29: A Lone Chicken

So, Sar's out of town on business till Wednesday. That would mark the first extended period of little miss Reagan and I having to "fend for ourselves". This leaves me in a bit of a conundrum as to what my workout schedule will be this week.
Today was a learning experience as to what to do with my 4 month old daughter all day other then the required events of every infants daily life. So today we simply experienced. I wanted to see what she did in certain situations that we haven't experienced before. We went food shopping, baby store shopping, cut the grass, walked the dog, had a snack at a local restaurant with some friends, grilled on the fire pit and had a great day together, adjusting as needed of course.
Tomorrow, we'll go with the same experiment. I will attempt to Olympic lift with her in the gym.

Warmup: Row 750m / dynamic / hip mobility

Strength: work up to 1 rm: work back to 50% at dropping 25% 1 rep, 3 reps, 5 reps

Conditioning: 10 rounds for time:

10 paralette push ups
10 ring rows
20 double unders

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