Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fight Gone Bad with 2 Black Eyes

Well the LVRFC won third 4th game of the season, going 4-0 so far! This win didn't come without a few bumps however. Personally two black eyes, bruises that appear as I was hit several times with a sack of doorknobs, not to mention being very very sore pretty much everywhere. Man of the match Eric Booser made a trip to emergency room post game to have his gaping eye cut cleaned and glued. Side note : he played 50 mins after the injury occurred. Then we had our winger, Looper find out he fractured his jaw today. Complaints? Not at all, it's all part of the experience.

So today Sarah and I had our friends Matt and Erika Petrozelli over for their first chickentown workout. Having recently moved back from manhattan they're looking for something fun and different so they let me put them through a CFC experience. We did a modified fight gone bad after some mobility and squat work.
All got through and did very well. This may turn into a sunday tradition. It was very fun.
Definite rest day tomorrow.

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