Monday, March 11, 2013

Screaming Karen / Sarah's Paleo Challenge/ rugby

Wow, what a week. Lots of things happening.
First, a decent start to the CrossFit open.
Second, Sarah Decided that we are tightening up our diets with a new challenge.
Third, tonight's workout, Dennis O'donnels favorite workout also known as "screaming Karen. "

And tomorrow it's rugby season baby!

So yesterday I hit a 141 on the open. I was pretty happy with that. It was rough.

Starting today, my wife Sarah created the Biggs' best life paleo and fitness challenge. Looking forward to it, I still have some baby weight to shed. We both have our goals and will work together to get there!

Decided to finish off the quads and shoulders from yesterday's open workout so I put together "screaming Karen".
Strength= 65% 5x5 squats and shoulder press followed by "Karen" 150 wall ball shots with a 20lb med ball. I was psyched to break 10min after all that.

Tomorrow marks the first day of rugby. so excited! Right around that 3 month mark I get the itch. That means ill be switching to in season workouts.

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