Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Delinquency is sometime the option.

Been neglecting CFC for the past few days. Sometimes priorities take over. Baby/wife, work, rugby etc. something had to give. So I never got 12.3 posted. Disappointing but if anything I could say it was not because of laziness. When 7am and 11pm seem to be a few hours apart there a only a few things you can do. Push yourself over the edge or take care of what you need to and relegate the rest for the time being.
Anyway the first rugby match of the season went well. The hooligans beat the Wharton rugby club on their home turf.
I had previously posted about playing the position of hooker. Short recap: basically pretend you and seven others are forming a human prowler that is ramming itself into another human prowler. Well the hooker is the human ram rod in the middle taking the brunt of roughly 1600lbs on his neck and shoulders.
Long story short.... Neck bad, neck very bad hurt now. Needed two days and a massage to get that I order.
Rugby tomorrow, Friday will probably be 13.4 and Saturday rugby practice.
Next week, back on it in Chickentown.

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