Thursday, March 21, 2013

Active Dad Syndrome

Warning: first world problems ahead:
Well folks, I'm torn hear. It's CrossFIt open season, it's rugby season, it work busy season and most importantly it's infant rearing season. Something has to give. With the help of an awesome wife I've been able to hit workouts everyday since Sunday including two rugby practices. That equals rest day in this 32 year old's vernacular. Im feeling it. no joke, body is in need of some repair. Tomorrow after a huge and inevitably exhausting meeting, Im gladly in charge of our little Reagan while Sarah gets some much needed pampering for a couple hours. Definitely a first world problem here, but I either do 13.3 tomorrow evening after a long day on short rest or miss a critical pregame rugby practice on Saturday to do it? Sunday is a rugby day as the hooligans take on Wharton so that's off the table, movement is not a friendly thing after a match. I fear the "open" may take the backseat or be delayed in violation of protocol. We shall see what the gods have in store.

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