Sunday, March 17, 2013

13.2 Results / Workout 3/18

Well a little disappointing but not a complete surprise to be honest. Box jumps are not something I've ever done fast and that got me. Result 182 reps. Not terrible but not great.
Sarah knocked out 3 rounds at 45lbs and 20in box on her trek back to marathon shape. Not bad at all for someone who has really never done CrossFIt before and who had a baby 10 weeks ago!

For the record.

Workout 3/18:
Warmup: Row 2000m / foam roll / posterior chain mobility

Strength: snatch form 135lb 10 sets of 1 for form.

Conditioning: 10 rounds for time:
10 hand release push ups
10 air squats
10 Abmats

Immediately following: 20 burpee broad jumps.

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