Friday, February 22, 2013

Workout 2/23 kangaroo court

Well after upper body mayhem today we'll tackle lower body mayhem tomorrow. Plus tomorrow marks the day of a new year for the lehigh valley rugby football club. The annual general meeting, elections, and kangaroo court. In kangaroo court any member of the club may charge any other member of the club with any charge. Then the prosecutor and defense attorney make there arguments and it is decided upon by the judge who releases or punishes the defendant with a liquid imbibe my penalty.
It is a very fun and entertaining afternoon to say the least. So to prepare for the event ill need to get some work in tomorrow morning...

Warmup: foam roll / dynamic

Workout: lower body mayhem
10 rounds for time:
10 air squats
5 box jumps 30 inches
10 weighted lunges 40lb dumbbells
5 95 lbs good mornings.

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