Friday, February 8, 2013

Epic workout tomorrow... "Rocky IV Training Montage"

Rocky 4 training montage as it is viewed:
In work boots, jeans, Vest and wooly:
For time:
Run 800 m in snow
Push car up driveway
Punch heavy bag for 1 minute
Saw a log alternating arms as needed
20 50lb slam ball lateral tosses
200 m run in snow with plate 45lbs
20 pull-ups
800m Racked 6ft 6x6 beam walk in snow
1 min punch heavy bag
20 Sledgehammer strike on side of tire 10 each arm
Run 200m out in snow sprint back
100 double unders
25 ab mats
Chop through log alternating arms
Punch heavy bag 30 seconds
10 50 lb slam balls
10 leg raises
20 heavy bag hits uppercut with a squat in between
10 core twists with 6x6 beam in rack position
3 clean and 3x press 135
Sprint 100 m out and back in snow
Run 400m on snow
50 m bear crawl
Sprint 50m out and back in snow
Stand on top of mountain arms in air and yell
Beat dolf lungren in boxing match.

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