Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Workout 1/8: CFCs Newest Member

Well it's been an exciting few days for sure around here to say the least. 3am January 3rd, I got the tap on the shoulder... "B, I think my water broke."
My half unconscious reply, "did you call someone?". Sarah calmly relied, "No we need to go." Me, "Ok, can you wait till 8?" Sarah, less patiently at thus point, "No lets go!"

So, at 6:09am 1/3/13, Reagan Emma Biggs, CFC's newest member was born!

While still in the adjustment period I was able to get my first workout in yesterday.
Having a home garage gym definitely has its advantages. While Reagan was with mom for her mid evening meal, I was able to hit some deadlifts and kettle-bell's for some posterior work.
As an added benefit it does not appear that classic rock and dropping weights has any effect on her sleeping habits. Bonus!

Today we'll round out with some frontside work. Looks like some outdoor work will be tolerable later this week so some running will be in order.

Warmup: dynamic / foam roll

Strength: Overhead Squats 5x3 75%

Workout: Amrap in 15 min
7 Toes to bar
250m row
5 50lb ball slams

Cash out: 75 abmat sit ups for time.

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