Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Workout 1/24: 50 lb slam ball+18 lb Sledgehammer+Santanasties=....

.....Today's awesome workout!

Warmup: 200 double unders / dynamic / hip mobility

Skill: free handstand work / hand stand to forward roll

Conditioning: 25 reps for time of each, broken up any way needed:

50 lb slamball Ground to reverse overhead throw

Sledgehammer overhead squats right hand

Sledgehammer overhead squats left hand

20lb medball santanasties

Ground to overhead reverse throw. Squat to pick up ball, using a clean/snatch hip drive throw the ball up and back over your head throwing it as far as possible

Sledgehammer ohs: holding a sledge grab the weighted end with one hand and handle end with other perform ohs as usual

Santanasties: Named after my good friend , legendary freak strength strong man and one hell of a lawyer,Mike Santanasto. He gives us the jumping burpee ball slam. Pick ball up to over head, jump, and slam the ball as you come down as hard as you can. Perform a burpees on the ball and repeat.

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