Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Workout 1/16: Chickentown Total= lift a bunch of heavy things and put them down...

Tomorrow major weight gets moved...
As my college strength and conditioning coach affectionately called it, it's Dick Measuring Day at CFC.

Chickentown Total:

Proceed through the four movements in order finding your 1 rep max for each. You get three attempts after warm up at each movement. Add together for you total score.

Strict press
Squat clean
Back squat


  1. I've seen you "clean" should it be called one rep max reverse curl? haha. good luck with it!

  2. I guess I should be sad that it's still more than my clean. haha

  3. Come on down to Twin City at 6 and crush these records.

  4. @dennis I will have you know my squat clean is now fully "squaty". It took some work to get the drop, like twp years worth.
    @mike, I'd love to however I'm on baby watch in the eve endings after Sarah's been home with her all day. Can't get out for that long. Gve me a couple weeks and ill get there.