Thursday, December 27, 2012

Workout 12/28: Stupidity Hath No Bounds

So today I did the hundredth CFC workout: 100 225lb squats for time.

I am not one to bitch about workouts, so take this as a warning if you should wish to attempt.

I will tell you this... This was quite possibly the stupidest workout I have entertained. Tomorrow, I will feel how stupid this was. It has Rhabdomyolysis written all over it.
While a marked accomplishment to complete in 55% of 1 rep max 100 times in 18:19, if I can walk down stairs or sit on a toilet without assistance tomorrow it will be a miracle.
The first thirty were great and normal. Then the lower back/upper glutes began to scream, leading to progressively having to give more on each rep not to dump everything forward and stay on the heels. By 75 the quads began to go. Stability became the biggest problem even getting into squat position.
Trying to keep form was almost impossible.
The last set of five consisted of five "shakers".
Jello is not a fair description and the quad are swelling (picture below).
Post workout soreness and core tweaks are now setting in. An ugly preview of things to come. I fear no sympathy from my 8.5 month pregnant wife in the matter.
Please use your head, I feel as if I have not tonight.

Workout tomorrow is TBD until we see the full Aftermath...

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