Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Workout 12/13: Lift Big Eat Big's 12 Days of Xmas / US's Newest Rugby 7s Player (this guys is sick)

Nice rest day today. That's good cause tomorrow we're going to to start the's 12 days of Christmas. Going for Twelve PRs in 12 days. Admittedly this will not be easy due to the fact that I will be going to Utah on a whim of a skiing trip on Saturday so we may need to modify: It is Rx'd as:
Dec 13th: Strict press*
Dec 14th: Back squat*
Dec 15th:Power clean*
Dec 16th Bench press
Dec 17th: Snatch*
Dec 18th:Deadlift*
Dec 19th: Jerk*
Dec 20th: Snatch grip deadlift (Use straps)
Dec 21th: Bear complex (1 complete rep)*
Dec 22st: Clean*
Dec 23nd: Farmers walk (50ft)
Dec 24rd:1-1/4 squat

the Rugby 7s world series is going on right now. (this is a sport in the 2016 olympics): the USA has a new player, Carlin Isles, he started playing 12 weeks ago, this is sick, watch this...


Warmup: 100 double unders / Dynamic / lax ball shoulder and scapula

Strength: One rep max Press

Conditioning: Tabata Intervals
Sledgehammer Swings / Row / Sledgehammer Swings Alternate arms on each interval on the SHS

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