Monday, December 31, 2012

Goal Setting for 2013 / Cleaning up for New Years!

Happy New Years From CF Chickentown!
If you haven't already it is the perfect time to set your fitness goals for next year. I believe goal setting is critical to achievment. It gives you a benchmark to work towards, a standard to measure your progress against and gives you insite as to what you need to work harder on. Think about where you are at and how you need to get there. Make it tough but achievable.
By 2014 I will:
Have bodyweight full depth squat hip mobility
Dead lift 475lbs
Break a 7 min Fran
break 15 Strict Pull ups
Run a sub 2hr Half Marathon
So decided to give the ol' Rubber matting a much needed bath and sanitizing for the new year. Got her nice and sparkling and ready for some new sweat angels.
Still a bit sore from last weeks quad killer so going with upperbody today. Good workout in general, hit a nice last set PR of 175lbs x3. Then got some good burnout Row and Push up work in. 

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