Sunday, November 4, 2012

Workout 11/5: "Sandy", Snatch Virgins & what it's all about....

Well a great weekend at CFC. Finally got "Sandy" done wrapping up hurricane week and like the storm it pretty much sucked.
Had a visitor this weekend, my college buddy Pauli Mangieri who is one of the board members at Heroes in transition for who many of you just helped to raise $210 for by buying a CFC sweatshirt. We're still taking final orders until tomorrow!
Pauli who is involved with jujitsu, has never done the Olympic lift, snatch. So we worked on it for about 30 minutes and Pauli hit a 95 lbs power snatch! In doing so he also got to do his first victory "drop of the bar" from overhead after sticking it!
He got through "sandy" with a little modification and it was a great day all around.
Personally, hit a new 101 Double under PR warming up!

All in all a tremendous weekend that was full of the things that make it all worth putting the effort; Great Friends, doing something good for someone else, and getting a hell of a workout!

Tomorrows workout:
Warmup: dynamic warmup, lax ball shoulders, foam roll back. Ankle mobilty work.

Workout: "Fran"
95lb thrusters

Cool down: static stretch.

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