Thursday, November 29, 2012

Workout 11/30:Low & Slow, Norwegian Glogg, Julleribbe & Fire

Better burn it off before this one:
Tomorrow night CFC regular Mike Santanasto and his cohort attorney and full blown Norwegian Turand Snick will be over with about 8 liters of wine and some aquavit and a "Julleribbe" (a bone in pork rib roast with the bacon Still attached)
We're gonna fire up the firepit and we're making Glogg and some roast beast.

Warmup- row 1000m
shoulder /hip mobility

Strength: Turkish gets ups: 12 each arm 1.5 pood

Workout: Row 10k, after each 1000m perform 10 wall balls 20lbs and 10 ball slams 50lbs

Cash out: drink glogg and eat bacon pork roast

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