Saturday, November 17, 2012

Workout: 11/18 nothing quite like hitting a 180 lb Snatch

2 days two PRs!
Today was "Snatchy Saturday" here at CFC. Hit a new PR squat snatch : 180# !
So psyched right now. Thanks to drew for coming over for some support. I think that pushed me to the new level. Plus the new oly shoes I picked up half price off of Crossfit LBCs facebook post. Thanks guys!
Decide to modify "Randy" into "Andy" and make it 50 reps @ 95# instead of 75reps@75#.
Kept a good pace and came in under 4 minutes at 3:48. Ill take it.

Warmup: 100 dus / dynamic

Strength: 3x max reps chin ups & hand stand push ups

Workout: 10 rounds
10 evil wheels
10 kettle bell swings

Cash out: 1 minutes battle ropes x 2 - up down and side to side.

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