Thursday, November 15, 2012

Workout 11/16: Got majorly screwed today

Well, we've been open since the end of July and today, thanks to Chris Kocsis, we finally got the floor screwed down. One of the downsides of having a garage gym, it was tedious having to move the floor mats every other day after they moved from parking on them.
Good workout today. Quick and dirty.

Warmup: dynamic / lax ball scapula

Strength: Push jerk 1 rm

Workout: Death by 10m Shuttle Run
Each minute add one shuttle run.
Shuttle= three cones five Meters apart . Start at middle cone run in one direction. Touch cone, turn and run to far cone. Turn and run back to middle. For the second do not stop just continue to each far cone counting 1 as you pass middle every other time you pass the middle cone.
Contine adding one until you do not beat the previous score.

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