Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/5: Busy night at CF Chickentown! / Rest Day Wednesday / Chicken Chili

Well turned out to be an active night here. Rugby practice was cancelled so got thought the daily workout before some of the team popped over for a "chalk talk" that turned into a gab session while drew did some deadlifts.
Then mike and Amy came over to run through "bull". All in all an active night.
Tomorrow is a mobility day to rest up from bull and the previous weeks workouts.
Paleo Chicken chili was on the menu tonight:
Meat from a small chicken cubed

6tbs home made chili powder =
1- new Mexico, pasilla, cascabel, California, dry chipotle, ancho, Serrano chilli
1tsp dried oregano, onion and garlic,
1 tbs cumin seed and paprika
Grind to fine powder in coffee grinder

1 onion diced

3 cups of mile and Brett's mini farm tomato/pepper sauce= 5-6 tomatoes blanched, quartered
1 green bell pepper, sun pepper, Long hot pepper, poblano.
1 onion
Basil, cook together for 20 minutes uncovered or use canned tomato puree and chopped pepper and onion.

Two slices of cooked chopped bacon

2 cups of chicken stock

1/4 cup smooth mashed avocado

Brown chicken in a bit of olive oil then add all other ingredients. Cook covered over low heat or in slow cooker for 3 hours minimum. 5-6 preferably.

When finished stir in avocado till combined.

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