Sunday, August 5, 2012

Workout Week: "the Olympics"+ Daily workout 8/6

After a long weekend working through a virus, which would explain a lot of how I felt this past week, gonna try to get into it tomorrow with a little inspiration. Watched a bunch of the coverage this weekend and got some great ideas from these amazing athletes.

Warm up: Dynamic warmups, calf work.

Olympic lifting: find 1 rep max clean and jerk.
Track and field: Run each for time without consideration of the remaining distances. Give 45 sec rest in between.
800m /400m /200m /100m/100m
Rest 30 seconds, then...
Broad jump for distance - 25 reps, do with as little reset time as possible, but enough to make a maximal effort,
Record each run time and your max jump distance.

Gymnastic skills: L-sit ring holds. On rings, hold L (pike) position as long as possible. 5 attempts rest 2 min. If no rings use, paraletts kbs or weightlifting plates on each side.
Free Handstand work: attempt to hold a handstand for as long as possible without assistance, i.e. wall or other person holding feet.
So we move forward...

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