Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daily Workout 8/9 "Cockfight Gone Horribly Wrong" & "Why We Fight"

First, New PR on the Clean and jerk today! Mike kept me honest on the runs which were terrible. the broad jumps and the L-sit holds really hit the abs. We'll look forward to that tomorrow!

Second. the new CF Chickentown sign is in along with the pull up bars they just need to be put up.

Third, "Why we Fight". I am a huge fan of of the HBO series "Band of Brothers". This is not because there are a bunch of cool things blowing up and in the end we beat the Nazis, (Yeaya!). It is because this series is probably the best  first hand account of the heroism and sacrifice that took place in WWII by men like Lancaster native Maj. Richard "Dick" Winters. If you can watch this and not feel appreciation for what these men did you should probably have your logical and moral compass checked.
 In one episode, "Why We Fight" toward the end of the series, the remaining members of EZ company, after Landing on d-day in Normandy, fighting for the Ardennes Forest (the Bulge), enter southern Germany wondering what they are still doing there after be shot at, shelled, frozen, etc for a year.  While on patrol in southern Germany, EZ comes upon something they've never seen before, a concentration camp. They experience this in human dealt form the antithesis of the reason why they are there and they realize it. To hear the Veterans talk about it is awe inspiring. You could see this in their eyes, it made the whole thing (Normandy, The Bulge, etc) worth it.
When I think of the veterans that come home after having put forth the same effort ,but for much less known atrocities to perpetuate the same mission, I've always had a soft place in my heart to do something to make sure they knew, why they fought.
My College roomate Pauli's friend from home, Capt. Eric Jones was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. Subsequently Pauli was involved in starting the organization Heroes in Transition in Eric's honor. The organization helps veterans coming home, to deal with the short, intermediate and long term side effects of combat. From service dogs, to PTSD awareness and even buying vans to deliver food to indigent veterans of long past wars, they do not discriminate, but provide.
So yesterday...
On " Purple Heart Day" August 7th, and I cannot think of of better day... CF Chickentown with your help was able to donate $560 to HIT! For only having existed for 2 weeks that is quite an accomplishment. Thank you.

Workout 8/9:

Warmup: 100 Double unders, Dynamic Stretch

Strength: 8x1 Push Jerks, work up to 1RM

Conditioning: "Cockfight Gone Horribly Wrong" the CF Chickentown take off  the Crossfit workout "Fight gone Bad" ( they don't like when you use their stuff)

On the start: Work for one minute at the first activity, then you have 15 seconds to move to the next activity and work for one minute. Repeat until you have completed each activity twice.

Ball Slams 50/20lbs
Hand release pushups
Double unders
Kettlebell swings 1.5 pood / 20lbs

Static Stretch

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