Friday, August 31, 2012

Crossfit Vacation Day 9: Pele's Revenge

Pele is the hawaiian god of fire and was out and about today especially in my quads and shoulders. It was another long one today. In fact the longest of the week. Took me 21:45.
After a good warmup we went right into it after a quick review of the movements for the newer folk.

Run down the hill 200m and back up
15 reps 1 pood Turkish get ups right arm
Run again
15 reps left arm Turkish get ups
Then right into what I like to call "2/3 Karen with bells on"
10 rounds
10 reps 20lb wall balls
5 Russian kettle bell swings, 2 pood

It was about as fun as it sounds. Legs were hurting from the TGUs and hill running and then to go into walls balls and KBSs, gees, I'll feel this tomorrow for sure. I will be at the 8 am for the last day in paradise WOD sore or not.

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