Friday, August 24, 2012

Crossfit Vacation day 2 & 3 tshirt pics and others.

Thanks to pauli and lauren for sending in the picture with their new shirts! Keep sending um in everybody!

After three rough days in the gym plus us walking around exploring the island, I'm definitely starting to feel the hurt set in. Might need a rest day tomorrow before hitting up crossfit lahaina.
I have made a point this 10 days to eat pretty strict,Polynesian paleo, which is pretty easy to do here with all the fresh fish, fruit and Kula grown vegetables. Feeling' good!

Day 2: Visit again to crossfit kihei for "randy". 75reps of 75 lb power snatches for time. I had done this almost exactly a month ago in honor of my fathers b-day, (his name is randy). What a difference a month makes! I beat my July 26th time by 1:31, for a 5:49!
Day 3: I made my way, just up the Haleakala hwy, to crossfit upcountry Maui in Makowao.
Very nice people. Got some "yoga light" in for stretching and a centipede run for for warmup.
Then, for conditioning it was:
4 rounds for time:
5 muscle ups, or strict pull ups and ring dips in my case.
10 reps 135lb front squats
35 double unders.

Cash out: tabata abmat sit ups.

Today we move to the othe side if the island to ka'anapali/lahaina area. Got CF west Maui and Cf Lahaina to visit yet. I actually met the owner of cf lahaina at a farm in Kula while we buying some fresh local fruit. Very excited!

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