Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 27th workout - "Chickentown Death March"

Results 7/25:
Biggzee: 6:47

If interested in joining tomorrow you may need to bring your own med ball.

Dynamic Warm up: 15 minutes: 50 double-unders, Over the fence, Under the fence, 20 air squats, Spiderman, quad pulls, leg swings front/back & side to side, inchworm, Arm swing complex

Daily Workout: “Chickentown Death March”

5 Mile run, for time


After each mile execute the corresponding activity:
Mile 1: 100 Doubleunders
Mile 2: 100 abmat situps
Mile 3: 100 Jumping lunges (50 each leg), feet must leave ground with hips in extension in transition and knee must touch the ground to be counted
Mile 4: Pick up 40lb dumbbell, proceed to next mile carrying it in any way you deem appropriate. If weight is dropped, count 5 penalty Santnasties* for each drop, to be performed at the end of mi. 5.
Mile 5: 25 reps 20lbs Santanasties + For Every minute you are over 1 hour at end of 5th mile add 1 Santanasty, then add your dumbbell carry penalties , Max= 50 reps

* Santanasty = a.k.a. Jumping burpee ball slam. With a 20lb med ball. Pick ball up from ground to overhead. When ball is above head, jump and aggressively slam the ball to the ground on your decent from extension. Once ball is on the ground, perform a burpee using the ball as the base for your hands. Repeat for Rxd reps.

Static stretch 15min: All major leg /arm muscle groups, calves and abs. foam roll back complex.

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