Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August 1st - Daily workout

Well that last one wreaked of "Fran" today. Complete suffocation of 7+minutes, on the floor with some heavy breathing. A real quad killer after the back squats. So let's get on those tired muscles and do some speed work tomorrow.

August 1st daily workout:

Warmup: 150 jump rope double unders, Burgerner warm up, dynamic stretch, foam roll quads and hammie's

Speed work: on the minute every minute for 15 minutes:
40m Flying starts. From the start line jog out 20 meters then at the mark turn on everything you have to the end. Leave nothing behind.

Rest 10 minutes:

Conditioning/strength: As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 push ups on 40 lb dumbells and
5 man man makers with 40 lb dumbells

Static stretch: Focus on hips

3 more days till t-shirt order!!! Email me at cfchickentown@gmail.com.

July 31st Get T-shirt order in by Thursday! / July31st workout

Tshirts are being ordered Friday! Thanks for all who have ordered, $10 from each shirt goes to heroes in transition.org
See the colors to choose from below.
We have kid sizes and ladies cut.

July 31st workout:
Do July 30th workout
Due to a 3 hour plane delay in florida while visiting my new niece I was unable to get yesterday's in.

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th workout

After a nice few days away visiting family in st Pete and a much need rest after the c-town death march we're getting right back into it this week.
Plane comes in at 7:45 work will start at 8:30-8:45

Warmup: 400 m jog + Bergener warm up, dynamic stretch

Strength: low bar back squat
3/3/3/3/3+ 75%1 rep max

Conditioning: 21-15-9
95lb Thrusters
24 inch box jumps

Cash out: 30 reps battle ropes up down and side to side then alternate up and down

Friday, July 27, 2012

July 28 - Rest day / T shirt order

1st week in operation was an awesome one. Gym is almost complete. Feel free to drop in anytime!

Order C-Town tshirts by emailing me cfchickentown@gmail.com $15ea of which $10 goes to heroes in transition.

Results July 27:
"Chickentown Death March"

Biggzee- 1:06:47 / 0 penalties / 3 reps extra for 1hour 3 minute run time

Santanasty - 1:22:17 / 0 penalties / 14 reps extra for 1 hr 14 min run time

CF Chickentown Cross-training Fitness Garage Gym T-shirts are now available!

$15ea - $10 from each shirt will go to http://www.heroesintransition.org
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I will mail them for $3 more.
Orders due by Friday next week.
(Please excuse the crude design, they will be much nicer then what's showing below)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


July 27th workout - "Chickentown Death March"

Results 7/25:
Biggzee: 6:47

If interested in joining tomorrow you may need to bring your own med ball.

Dynamic Warm up: 15 minutes: 50 double-unders, Over the fence, Under the fence, 20 air squats, Spiderman, quad pulls, leg swings front/back & side to side, inchworm, Arm swing complex

Daily Workout: “Chickentown Death March”

5 Mile run, for time


After each mile execute the corresponding activity:
Mile 1: 100 Doubleunders
Mile 2: 100 abmat situps
Mile 3: 100 Jumping lunges (50 each leg), feet must leave ground with hips in extension in transition and knee must touch the ground to be counted
Mile 4: Pick up 40lb dumbbell, proceed to next mile carrying it in any way you deem appropriate. If weight is dropped, count 5 penalty Santnasties* for each drop, to be performed at the end of mi. 5.
Mile 5: 25 reps 20lbs Santanasties + For Every minute you are over 1 hour at end of 5th mile add 1 Santanasty, then add your dumbbell carry penalties , Max= 50 reps

* Santanasty = a.k.a. Jumping burpee ball slam. With a 20lb med ball. Pick ball up from ground to overhead. When ball is above head, jump and aggressively slam the ball to the ground on your decent from extension. Once ball is on the ground, perform a burpee using the ball as the base for your hands. Repeat for Rxd reps.

Static stretch 15min: All major leg /arm muscle groups, calves and abs. foam roll back complex.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thursday Workout- "Randy"

Results 7/25
30 snatches for time
Mike- 3:43
Drew- 4:53
Biggzee- 5:05

Almost there! Just pull up bars and rings to hang and we are fully fitted out!

7/26 workout:
It my dad's bday tomorrow his name is Randy, so here we go...
75 reps of 75 power snatches for time
Should feel great after "Isabel"

First Olympic lift day!

White board isnt in yet so we're going with cardboard for the time being.
Also we have our first a-hole list member (see pic, rt side)!

Warm up: move bar+ 240lbs of iron plates and squat rack/ bench from south side basement into truck for time.
Then: Remove from truck to new home in CFC.

Daily workout: "Isabel"
30 reps 135lbs snatches for time

Post workout: foam roll, back complex

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blog is up and running

Test post...

WOD- 7-24-12

July 24, 2012

Mobility: LAX ball on shoulders, Over the head band stretch,Foam Roll, Hip capsule opening

Dynamic Warm up: Sampson Stretch 15 second hold x3 each leg,20 air squats, peck/tri band stretch

Max Rep Handstand Pushups x3

Then 2 rounds Maxhandstand holds, 2 minute rest in between rounds

5 rounds for time, 10 Ring Rows, 25 DUs, 5 burpees

Skill: Free Hand stands