Wednesday, May 31, 2017

6PM May 25th, 2017
GORUCK Heavy, Honor the Fallen, Washington DC. 

Start point: Green just outside Lincoln Memorial Gift Shop 

Amid a Thursday night rush hour traffic and a thunderstorm the team formed up just north of the Lincoln Memorial gift shop. A few members having gotten stuck in traffic and being unaware that the start point was not in fact the memorial itself but the gift shop to the north, did not make the 6PM start time and trickled in over the next twenty minutes to the cards dismay. In the mean time, in the pouring rain of the thunderstorm with lightening streaking across the sky, Cadre Rob and Cadre Brian Squared conducted inspection of the rucks for proper equipment (Head lamps, water source/weight 30 lb steel plate or the like) and the safety protocols for the event. They also let the Class know they would be Heavy Class 181.

With the class now assembled and briefed they were told to collect the team coupons which consisted of a 5 gallon jerry can of water, a filled 5 gallon plastic watercooler bottle, the team weight which was a 50b replica of an Arlington National Cemetery tomb stone and the American Flag, which would be carried throughout the event. The cadre directed the class move to the reflection pool if front of the Lincoln Memorial for the admin portion of the event: An individual 12 mile ruck march in under 3.5 hours and the Army PT protocol for push ups and sit ups. The route was explained to us being a loop passing the reflecting pool, WWII memorial, Washington Monument, up Capitol hill, around the Capitol, where they would find Cadre Brain eating his Chipotle bowl, and back to then make two circles around the Lincoln memorial before repeating.

With the rain subsiding and the team now thoroughly wet they were set off to complete the qualifying event. Some set off running others at a steady pace of walking. Rather uneventful, the ruck with 50lbs being carried, concluded after the sun went down with all parties completing it well within the necessary time.  It was the first miles they would feel of many on their feet. 
The Sit up /Push up qualification was next. 42 Push ups and 53 sit-ups being the requirement. Having just completed shy of a half marathon some of the class had a taste for the serious nature of the distance involved with this event. The test was conducted with several individuals failing either one or both of the requirements. They were reminded that there are standards to this event with a helping of burpees while others got to reset themselves, their packs and rest a minute. The addition of the burpees to the PT was too much for one individual and he removed himself from the class. The class reformed and was taken on the move to start the trek of GR Heavy.

WWII Memorial/ Washington Monument/ Capitol

Class 181 moved from the ruck march start on the same path it had just taken twice and up to the middle of the walk way in front of that WWII Memorial. With the fountains in the background and the Washington monument lit up in the near  distance,  Cadre Rob when over some of the staggering statistics of the armed forces during the war. 

The class then moved to the base of the 600 ft Washington monument. With the monument lit up and darkness fully set in, here the Cadre told us a story of a supply officer that perished in Afghanistan reminding us that not all deaths in war are glorious but come at the cost of the necessary functions of being at war. The class was given a hero WOD to commemorate this individual. 

WOD 1: 
20 Ruck Swings while partner planks with ruck, alternate,  Buddy drag partner half way around the Washington monument 75m, 15 Ruck swings/ planks, alternate, Buddy carry half way around the monument, switch, 10 ruck swings/ planks, alternate ruck around the monument. The team lost a couple members here as they walked off into the night as did cadre Brain to rest for the next day. 

The class went up Capitol Hill to the the East side of the Capitol where under the guise of a few security guards was reminded of why this country is so great and the tremendous freedom we have. To seal this in, a memorable flutter kick PT session was held on the grounds, with the Capitol over them before moving on. 

Approximate distance covered: 14 miles,  Time: Unknown estimated 10:30

Naval Memorial / White House

The class took their coupons and traveled to he Naval Memorial for a moment of reflection on their way, roughly two miles to the north side of the Whitehouse. Passing the presidential residence and ending up in Farragut Square. Here another WOD was conducted on the wet chilly grass in the park. A security guard came up to cadre Rob inquiring as to what we were doing. He explain and the now intrigued guard gave a very positive stamp of approval. 

WOD 2:
Low Crawl 25m , 25 4 count Flutter Kicks, 25m buddy drags, Low crawl 25m, 25 4 count flutter kicks. 

Glover Archbold Trail

Upon completion, the next mission was to find adequate facilities for team member to relieve themselves. A rather difficult task at approximately 2am. Having completed the rather important detail orders were to move northwest on  Massachusetts ave. and find a Trail head roughly 3.5 miles away on the left side of the road. A constant uphill trudge, with two stops from reporters, who thought they were protesting something. This was a bit tedious and the miles were certainly felt as they crossed many an intersection and the 50b coupons certainly laid their toll. Eventually class 181 came across a rather unassuming trail head extending directly from the sidewalks that looked to be in rather bad condition due to the rain and the first few step were a pretty severe decline. 
Class 181 took to the trail after hearing that they lost another member. A consistent narrow wooded path of mud, roots, rocks winding through the creek bed of a suburban neighborhood. As rugged as it gets for a such a setting, it made for a slow pace through wet, muddy, narrow terrain. Headlamps became needed again and the class mindfully with each step made it further down the relatively long winding trail. After a good bit of this the trail came up to a road. Upon reaching the road Cadre Rob pulled 4-5 members back onto the trail to emerge with a log. Roughly  a 4-5person log weight approximately 250lbs. This would become a companion for the foreseeable future. 

The class continued on the trail moving all the coupons and the new team member. This went on for quite a while as the trail remained muddy, narrow and obstacle ridden, including crossing a small stream at the bottom of a small decline. 
As the class worked there way through, looking up to the trees, it was clear that morning was about to break as the first hints of light appeared. Certainly a welcome site as melatonin levels returned to a daytime mode. 

Another mile or so went by as Class 181 now had a system down of teams, organized by height that rotated on the log to keep it moving over the distance. It was hard to tell where the team was but they worked their way to an open grassy clearing. There they discovered the return of Cadre Brian who was waiting for them in the middle of the clearing. The humidity was thick in the air. A residual from last night rain and the grassy was very wet from the dew. A 20 minute break was given for the team to get equipment straight and reset a bit. 

The Clearing/ Trail Ending / The Stairs

Once the break was over cadre Brian addressed the class indicating that this was in fact Heavy and not two Toughs back to back. He was going to treat the class as if they were fresh and had just showed up. He also indicated that he didn't really care about distance and that he loved PT. 

WOD 3 “7”:
7 rounds, 7reps of burpees, mountain climbers, ruck swings, thrusters, knee touches, monkey fuckers

In the swampy humidity the class performed this workout together being led by one of the team members. It was a sweatfest and a reminder that this was no joke. 

Post workout the coupons were collected and the team continued down what would be the remainder of the trail toward  the Potomac near Georgetown, still switching teams on and off the log and exchange coupons between members.  Grumblings were heard from DC event veterans that were were close to something called the “Exorcist stairs”. 

Now in a more urban setting, the coupons were moved through the streets of Georgetown. The class got a bit bottled up with a side walk closure as rush hour traffic built, on a narrow side walk next to a very busy divided road. It took sometime to negotiate how to get to the other side of the divided street with a giant log and other coupons. Back tracking they came to the under tunnel and made it to the other side and back up some ramps and stairs to where they could cross into downtown streets.  Up and over a crossing bridge, crossing several crosswalks and down a fairly busy street. the destination was in fact  the infamous stairs. Coupons were placed at the bottom of the stairs to the side. The stairs themselves were squeezed between two buildings at a noticeable grade. It was mentioned there were 74 steps in total.

WOD 4:

5 rounds, Bunny hop with ruck to the top of the Exorcist  Stairs

Carde Brian gave instructions on how to hop up the stairs; feet together no stepping up. It was a grind for the class but they completed the task. The physical output required definitely showed on the faces of the team. Cadre was aware of a water source near the top of the stairs in a courtyard just to the right. Class 181 was given 20 minutes to get their feet straight, equipment together and water filled. 

On the move again the class went down the stairs, picked up the coupons and proceeded back through the streets of Georgetown working there way to near where the trail had ended down by the canal. They proceeded down the stretch of the canal, log / coupons in tow and moved east back toward Washington, swapping teams on the log with proficiency. Moving along the Potomac for what was likely a couple miles they were again nearing the start point of the Lincoln Memorial. 

Lincoln Memorial

Upon reaching the grassy area just south of the Lincoln Memorial Carde Brian had the team form up at the top of the stars that led towards the road that separates the area from the Potomac. Again the Cadre expressed his love of PT gave orders for the next round of good livin’.  

WOD 5: 
Reverse bear crawl up half of the 22 stairs with ruck. Then a repeat of the “Exorcist stair” WOD x5, the choice of the stairs again or 100m Bear Crawls, the stairs again or 100m duck walks, “Sally” with ruck thrusters, abs (6” to 90 with “kiss the deck” 

The team cranked out what seemed to be an never ending litany of physical tests. The stairs again did there trick to simulate blood flow. The benevolent Cadre allowed the team to select there form of out put for the next two rounds with them choosing bear crawls and duck walks of 100m each rather then the stair hops again. An elongated ab workout was dealt, consisting of 6inch holds with ruck on the chest or pressed above and moving from there to the 90 degrees leg position. Occasionally a “kiss the deck” was thrown in wear the ruck had to touch the ground behind the participants head. To finish things off with a little music the cadre played “Bring Sally up” for the classes amusement while they did ruck thrusters to the tune.  Upon completion the the coupon were gathered and the team moved. 

The Island

Order across the Arlington Bridge to Theodore Roosevelt Island the team crossed still switching teams on the log, to the end of the span and down to the biking trail below. They crossed over the foot bridge onto the island and proceeded the 1/4 mi up to the Theodore Roosevelt Monument. Cadre form two ranks in front of the state gave a little speak about the ex president and medal of honor winner, then spoke of heros and Memorial Day. In honor of such a day we would do a hero WOD, it’s name was “Murph”

WOD 6:
“Murph” modified
With ruck sack, 
run 1mi
100 push presses
200 push ups
300 Squats
run 1 mi. 

A shocked team began the workout with one of the team members being given the run route which the rest were to follow. Down the train behind the memorial they went. The trail still very muddy from the rain was not ideal for running with a rucksack. Around the island back up a small hill to the start point the team passed again for the second of what was now known to be a half mi loop. Upon completion a team member led the others in the group breakdown of the remaining reps that were required. 25, 10, 5, 25, 5, 15 reps were done as best they could be and eventually completed on the wet, pebble covered ground. Off on the second mi they went with the instructions to break 13 minutes on this mile as it was 14 minutes to complete the first. the trudge went on with the team making a visually more aggressive effort. The team arrived back to the start after the second loop with some stragglers working to finish as best they could. One team member had enough and removed themselves from the event. 

Having completed the task the team was again given 15 minutes to get themselves in order before moving on. 
Cadre Rob made his reappearance looking well rested and carrying Cadre Brian’s Chicken kabob lunch.


The Class formed up and were allowed to ditch the log that they had carried for what was about 9-10 hours and countless miles. they placed it into the bushes of Roosevelt Island and began to move off the island. Once off they proceed through the intersection leaning into downtown Arlington. Up the slight incline of down for a mile or so they continued to swap coupons and keep moving. Creating the mental yet long hill they came around to the Iwo Jima memorial, cross several intersections of traffic to arrive at the memorial.

WOD 7: 

5 rounds with ruck, 15, 8 count body builders, 20 jumping jacks, 25 thrusters

Cadre Brain told us a story about a command he had lost and in tribute we would do a WOD in his name. It was slow but the team banged out the reps one by one together with one of the members leading the way. A now visually very tired group collected themselves for a few minutes and was lucky enough to have a shadow bring the team gatorade which was greatly enjoyed. Thinking back to the being of the event those who were late were formed up and made to do high/low planks for their digression. Then, Cadre Rob had the team form up in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial and told them about the significance of it. He describe his fortune at being able to have visited the island. The Team gathered and moved on to the East.


Class 181 came to the back gate of Arlington National Cemetery and entered under strict instruction for radio silence. They proceed through the remarkable row after row of geometrically aligned tombstones. A quick stop to help carry a scooter of an individual who had run into a stair road block and back to moving up the hill toward the back of the cemetery. Up several meandering sets of stairs eventually ending up at a road where are Police officer let the cadre know we had to leave because we were caring a flag which is apparently not permitted in the cemetery. A flushed tired group made their way out of the cemetery  and down the mile plus long stretch leading to the Arlington Bridge. 
Upon Reaching the Bridge the class was given a set of three casualties that had to be carried across. Much like with the log Teams figured themselves out a rotation that seemed to work beautifully and the whole Class moved with relative ease under the new weight. Across the bridge and over the green that they had had use as a proving ground several hours before they proceed across the street behind the Lincoln Memorial.


Having reached the crowded stairs in front of the Lincoln memorial the cadre had Class 181 form up on small grassy area just above the reflecting pool. Cadre Brian began by saying that this would be the place where we would end but he wanted one more thing. One more lap, roughly a mile, around the reflecting pool, across the WWII memorial and back. This would be done carrying 6 casualties. As before with a little momentary confusion the team figured out a system and moved the 6 casualties up the side of the pool across the WWII memorial with ease albeit tired. As they made their way back onto the green a noticeable sense of relief began to take air. As they formed up Cadre Brian informed the team of the good news they had finish the casualty carry very quickly. the Bad news was it was too quickly and he wanted another lap with an additional 7th casualty. With a bit of disbelief the team struggled to get moving. A quick prod to get moving by the cadre ended with 7 people being hoisted into the air firemen style and the team took the first few steps and cadre Brian told everyone to stop and drop the team member. That was it, Endex, 28 members of class 181 were patched. 

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Almond Crusted Eggplant Caprese Salad

Almond Crusted Eggplant Caprese Salad

It's harvest season hear in Chickentown. Tomatoes, Eggplant and basil are just part of the harvest but they can make a tasty grain free starter.

You'll need:
1 Small Eggplant
1-2 Beefsteak Tomatoes (any large round will do)
1/2 lb Ball of Fresh Mozzarella
3 cups of Almond Flour
10-15 leaves of Fresh Basil
1 cup of arrowroot (you can use wheat flour if you don't mind grains)
1 large chicken egg
2 tbs of good quality Extra Virgin Olive oil
Enough regular olive oil to make 1/4 inch depth in a heavy bottom pan.

I hate mushy Eggplant. This step is critical to not have a mussy wet mess.
2 hours before you need to have it ready:

Slice egg plant into 1/4-1/3 inch thick slices
place on a rack and very lightly, salt both sides. just a sprinkle!

Allow it to rest for about 1.5 Hours. You'll notice water forming on the surface. After 1.5 hours place in-between two paper towels.

Heat Regular Olive oil in pan to about 325, (medium-ish)
Gather two plates and a small bowl that the slices will fit into.
On one plate place the almond flour and the other place the arrow root.
In the small bowl add the egg with 2 tablespoons of water and beat it.

work one piece of eggplant at a time, dredge it in the arrowroot powder, shake off excess by tapping it on plate.

Dunk eggplant into egg wash coating it.

Immediately, place into aloud flour mound. Sprinkle some on top from the pile, flip repeat, and give a light shake. Place to the side and repeat until al epic are covered.

Once all are done, place 4-5 piece in the hot olive oil. cook for about 2 mins a side. It should just be  just slightly brown. Almonds burn easily don't make them too dark. They get bitter.

When done, place on a wire rack to drain.

Repeat until all are cooked.

Slice ripe tomato and mozzarella Very thin. Chiffonade the basil (slice into narrow ribbons)

Place  eggplant on plate, top with a slice of the cheese and tomato. Top with a light sprinkle of salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and basil.  A few drips of aged balsamic vinegar makes a nice addition!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Veteran's Day Week Challenge!

Veteran's Day Week of Honor workouts. In honor of these heroes and their brothers I offer a week of honor. If not for you how about for them? 

Start of with the classic: "Murph"

Day 2: "Winters"

"Winters" Named after Lancaster native and of "Band of Brother" fame Maj. Dick Winters. 

4 rounds in weighted vest: 
800m run
21 burpees
10 pull ups
5 handstand push-ups 

Day3: "Zembiac" aka the Lion of Fallujah. "
"Be a man of principle. Fight for what you believe in. Keep your word. Live with integrity. Be brave. Believe in something bigger than yourself. Serve your country. Teach. Mentor. Give something back to society. Lead from the front. Conquer your fears. Be a good friend. Be humble and be self-confident. Appreciate your friends and family. Be a leader and not a follower. Be valorous on the field of battle. And take responsibility for your actions. Never forget those that were killed. And never let rest those that killed them."
5 rounds
11 Back squats 185lbs
7 strict burpee pull-ups
400m run

Day 4: "Eric"

Eric Jones Was killed in Afghanistan 2009. He was the best friend of my my good friend and college roommate. He is the in inspiration for CFC. We have successfully raised over $5,700 in his name. 

10 rounds for time:
50 jump rope double unders (150 single unders) 
25 abmat sit ups
10 Santanasties* 20 lb ball

*= jumping burpee ball slam begin with a wall ball on the floor. Pick it up to overhead in any fashion you see fit, at the top, jump and bring the ball down to the ground in a slam ball motion. Perform a burpee with hands on the ball (no jump required)and repeat.

And dare I utter the word that carries such fear: KALSU!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 5: "Kalsu"

Every minute on the minute perform 5 burpees, then use the rest of the min to perform as many 135lbs thrusters as possible. Repeat until 100 thrusters are rep'd. 

James Robert "Bob" Kalsu (April 13, 1945 – July 21, 1970) was an All-American tackle at the University of Oklahoma and an eighth-round draft pick by the Buffalo Billsof the American Football League in 1968.
Kalsu was a starting guard in 1968. He played the entire season and was the Bills' team rookie-of-the-year.[1] Following the 1968 season, to satisfy his Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) obligation, he entered the Army as a Second Lieutenant and arrived in Vietnam in November 1969 as part of the 101st Airborne Division. He was killed in action on July 21, 1970 when his unit came under enemy mortar fire at FSB Ripcord near theA Shau Valley.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Woeful neglect

I've been in neglect of this blog. There it is. I'm sorry. It's not for lack of reason other then priority. It's not to say we haven't been doing things here at CFC. In fact in the past month we've raised over $500! Keep up the great work. 

Please stay tuned through these absences via the Facebook page. There's only so much time in a day and my little one, wife and work take precedent.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Crossfit vs. crossfit

So my former Crossfit Gym-mate and  FB friend Dennis O'Donnell wrote his opinion on the topic of the Trademark that is CrossFit and why he thinks it has and will continue more so to become part of the vernacular, thus making the trademark invalid. Example: "What are you doing for a workout today?", "Oh, I'm gonna do some crossfit." Does this mean you are going to a CrossFit gym and WODing or simply doing a crossfit-gym-like workout at the park?  You can find that here and I highly recommend you read this first. It was responded to by a Russell Berger, of CrossFit Higher ups in quick fashion and what seemed to be an immediate knee-jerk reaction to a google alert about ignorance of the term CrossFit. Google him and you'll notice his process of telling people why they are wrong about Crossfit, which is not necessarily a wrong thing to do in his case although some may not like it.

Let's put things in perspective. I don't have an agenda. This is my reflection as a former consumer and current alumnus for lack of a better word of the brand. I'm an outside observer at this point that was at one point emerged in CrossFit. That being said, I like CrossFit. It has done amazing things to get people, myself included, motivated about fitness and actually achieve much higher goals then they ever could have over many areas of fitness they would never have touched. I'm much higher on the fitness learning curve of fitness because of it. I just watched the Games with great enthusiasm. I support the gyms/ some trainers in my area, CrossFit or not.  I write this as an "owner" (and I say that because I own my house) of a personal garage gym that started as a bit of a joke: CF Chickentown (which stands for Cross-training Fitness Chickentown) I don't train anyone. I make no representation to do CrossFit or crossfit-like workouts. In fact it's where I park my car at night. It's literally my garage. There are no members. I charge no fee when friends come to workout. I use it as a means to stay involved in the fitness community in my area. This local community is not exclusive to but does contain some CrossFit gym members. This allows me to have some fitness fun and most importantly raise a crap ton of money for wounded and transitioning veterans. Do I make money on this effort? Absolutely not. I would say if anything my stupid little tongue-in-cheek creation would be officially classified as an anti-profit operation to my income statement.

But I digress back to the question; CrossFit vs. crossfit. While I think Dennis makes great points, in the long run I'm gonna have to disagree with him on this. CrossFit is a brand. The name has value. It has brought 10,000 gyms to open up under its auspices. The fact that people simply call crossfit-like workouts CrossFit can and has been argued as have many other trademark issues in the past. I'll go back to a classic marketing 101 case. Rollerblade vs. in-line skating.  Rollerblade was not the first player to the market for inline skates, they were however by far the best at getting it out there. They exploded over a few years. The argument was,  are you Rollerblading or in-line skating on Rollerblade brand skates?  To this day Rollerblade is a defensible trademark. I don't think its much different here. Are you crossfitting or functionally working out with constantly varied movements across many modal domains, in a CrossFit Gym? If you are in a CrossFit gym, yes, you are CrossFitting. If outside a CrossFit branded gym technically no. That won't stop people from saying they are doing crossfit outside of the system. Especially since Rollerblading and In-line skating on Rollerblades is much more succinct then the CrossFit vs. CVM example above.  There are many examples of this. Kleenex is another simplified standout. Do you need a Kleenex or a Kleenex brand tissue? Kleenex, a widely used term for facial tissue is still a major brand. As long as it's not used to your personal benefit outside of the system you're good. It's free advertising for them. No one can blame them for defending something they built. Its a tight line to walk.

The other discussion I see revolves around  the availably of the brand. As in when there is an event that is not a CrossFit sanctioned event but the workouts performed could and are the same that are done in CrossFit gyms everyday. It seems CrossFit keeps the brand very close to heart. I'm not, nor have I researched a sanctioning method for an event. It could exist. I don't know. Are you technically having a CrossFit competition if HQ didn't approve of it? No, you are not. I liken this to any other event. My rugby team has held a tournament every year for 40 years. We as a team are part of the USA Rugby Umbrella because we register as a team, individual players and coaches.  But because we don't comply with the quite honestly unenforceable regulations they require we don't have a USA RUGBY sanctioned event, but we still do play rugby and a lot of it. My point, brand can carry clout which is worth something. Value in name points to a brand.  

Now there are several issues I do have with the CrossFit brand itself. Most of these I'll leave to myself as my humble opinion is not a tenable position to those entrenched in the brand and quite frankly I don't want to have the argument. Also I don't preach against something that in it's totallity is in fact doing good.  Simply, I'm an established financial advisor not a pro trainer and wouldn't expect my CrossFit coach to answer how to road map a retirement income plan. I will say however that responses from higher -ups in the CrossFit community i.e. Dennis' blog post seem extreme but then again I can't blame them for defending their brand. Regardless of this fact it still does wreak of douchbaggery to some. It's the all powerful "Universal Catholic Church" and the Reformation all over again.  Not to invoke too much parallelism because there is an obvious difference in scope of the two arguments, but when you build a powerful brand, there will be a Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry the VIII who come along and take away from that brand and create there own, i.e Protestantism.  It's still leaves your brand perfectly viable and popular but not without the need to defend it to the death. Now attacking people who are believers in the system who might have a few issues with the it, claiming that they are ignorant of the system is probably not the popular way to go. It could backfire and cause more people to stray.  It does however show the narrow line that must be walked when your brand is under attack.  Frankly should an admirable trait in a capitalistic society. It's how this whole thing works.

Having both sides of the equation is why this is a great country. You can buy in 100%,  criticize but accept it, try to change it, leave it or attack it. If you build something you better defend it because someone will probably come up with something good enough to market that seems better what you have. It's not a matter of, "Is CrossFit good or bad," and "What other thing is good or bad or better." It is, "Does CrossFit have a right to it's name as a brand." I'd say unequivocally so.